1080p UVC KISS Low Light USB Camera


High sensitivity 1080p USB camera in our tried and tested KISS board lens format.


Our new low light 1080p USB camera is ideal for use with longer focal length miniature lenses. The enlarged 2/3” CMOS sensor provides great sensitivity when used with suitable lenses.


Our USB cameras are UVC compatible which means that they work with Windows and OTG (On‐The‐Go) devices without the need for additional drivers. By installing appropriate apps on your OTG device you are able to view and record composite video signals at 1080p resolution.


An ultra flexible and robust cable allows reliable operation and easy cable routing.


Free To Download 3D printable camera space models and brackets further simplify and speed up deployments.


  • 2/3” CMOS sensor

  • 0.01 lux

  • 1080P resolution

  • Interchangeable M12 lens mount for 2/3" or larger M123 lenses fitted with IRC filters

  • Ruggedised cabling

  • Multiple mount options

  • DC 5V USB , 185mA (max)

1080p UVC KISS Low Light USB Camera

  • 1080p UVC KISS Low Light USB Camera Datasheet

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