AXIS V5925 PTZ Camera


This high‐performance PTZ IP camera is designed for broadcasting live events and excels in providing high quality imagery for covert surveillance. It’s small size make this camera ideal for limited space concealments and deployments.


Equipped with an Axis ARTPEC‐7 chipset, this powerful unit is also capable of delivering smooth HD 1080p resolution video footage at up to 50 frames per second.



  • Full HD 1080p resolution video at up to 50 fps
  • 340° pan, ‐20 to +90° tilt functionality
  • 30x optical zoom - 4.4 ‐ 132mm
  • HDMI & SDI output and audio & XLR inputs
  • Size: ø137 x 182mm


Other useful features include pan/tilt functionality with a powerful 30x optical zoom. Particularly of use for law enforcement is the V5925’s ability to tilt below the horizon by –20° which works well with covert concealments.


Support for studio‐grade two‐way audio, HDMI outputs and edge storage (MicroSD card not included) make this a feature packed cameras for lots of applications.


H264 and H265 with Zipstream technology preserves all the important details while significantly reducing bandwidth and storage requirements.


The small size and onboard recording functionality make the V5925 an ideal rapid deployment camera. In addition to the standard V5925 we are constantly working on customised versions of the Axis V59 series to make them more suitable for covert law enforcement use. Please contact us if you would like anymore details.






After requests from our customers we now offer a black version of the V5925.  Our re‐engineered  BLACK EDITION  has a durable black paint covering making the camera more suitable for covert use.


We can also supply the  BLACK EDITION  in our bespoke ruggedised case, which houses the camera and its accessories.

AXIS V5925