Baby CarrotCam

Ultra Low LightMiniature Camera


Miniature ultra sensitive low light ruggedised cameras now available in Colour or B/W variants.

The Baby CarrotCam is a miniature camera ideal for low light scenarios. The highly sensitive 1/3” (B/W) and 1/3.2” (Colour) sensors provide crisp images during the day and at night.


A standard M12 lens thread allows numerous lens options. The weather resistant lens cover allows up to a miniature 35mm lens to be fitted whilst retaining the weatherproof nature of the camera.


Standard 1/4”‐20 UNC mount points are available on the top, bottom and rear allowing secure fastening. Additional mount points are also provided which allow the use of alternative universal mounts as required (sold separately).


Free To Download 3D printable bracket models enhance the deployment flexibility of this camera providing unique deployment options which were previously unavailable.



  • 1/3" CCD sensor, 570 TVL Monochrome IR sensitive CCD
  • Low Light Sensitivity 0.00009 lux. (sens‐up on)
  • DC 9‐28V (80mA approx. DC12V)




  • 1/3.2” CMOS sensor, 750 TVL Colour digital CMOS sensor
  • Low Light Sensitivity 0.006 lux. (sens‐up on)
  • DC 9‐28V (60mA approx. DC12V)


Supplied with either a 3.6, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16mm IR corrected lens (please specify at time of ordering)

Baby CarrotCam