720p Board Lens HE‐D Sensor


  • Interchangeable M12 board lens mount
  • 3.6mm HD board lens with IRC fitted as standard
  • 1/4” progressive scan CMOS

  • 720p resolution

  • 0.4 lux

  • Supplied with 8m sensor cable
  • HE-D universal form factor
  • Board Lenses with IRC filters used with this camera



  • P12 mkII

  • F34, F41 and F44


Miniature remote sensor units based on our miniature HE‐D form factor whilst still being able to deliver crisp 720p imagery.


Suitable for use with P12, F34, F41 and F44 Main Units.


The HE-D range is compatible with our own and third party advanced installation tools.

HE-D AP12B 720p Board Lens Sensor