720p Pinhole Lens HE‐D Sensor


  • Interchangeable M12 close‐up pinhole lens mount
  • 4.3mm HD cone pinhole lens with IRC fitted as standard
  • 1/4” progressive scan CMOS
  • 720p resolution
  • 0.4 lux
  • Supplied with 8m sensor cable
  • HE-D universal form factor
  • Pinhole Lenses with IRC filters used with this camera



  • AXIS P12 mkII
  • AXIS F34, F41 and F44


Miniature remote sensor units based on our miniature HE‐D standardised form factor. Delivers crisp 720P imagery in a very small package.


Compatible with our own and third party advanced installation tools.


Suitable for use with AXIS P12, F34, F41 and F44 Main Units.


Available individually, supplied with a Main Unit or as part of a Deployment kit. 

HE-D AP12P 720p Pinhole Lens Sensor