1080p Pinhole Lens KISS Sensor


  • Interchangeable M12 close‐up pinhole lens mount, see lens section for compatible close-up pinhole lenses
  • 4.3mm HD cone pinhole lens with IRC fitted as standard
  • Plastic orbital mounting bracket
  • Maximum sensor cable length is 8m
  • 1/2.8” progressive scan CMOS
  • 1080p resolution
  • 0.3 lux
  • Supplied with 8m sensor cable
  • KISS universal form factor
  • Pinhole Lenses with IRC filters used with this camera



  • AXIS F34, F41, F44


This sensor unit can be used in conjunction with either AXIS F34, F41 or F44 main units, to create up to a four channel IP camera solution.


F series main units provide a rugged solution for challenging environments.


Available individually, supplied with a Main Unit or as part of a Deployment kit.


All F series sensors are made to order.

KISS AF30 1080p Pinhole Lens Sensor