PhasIR Infrared Illuminator


PhasIR is our our range of miniature covert infrared illuminators.


The PhasIR are high power miniature 940nm LED infrared illuminators Capable of providing covert lighting for short range deployments.


The PhasIR illuminators are available in narrow, wide and oval beam versions and come housed in a robust weatherproof aluminium housing.


Integral cabling and weatherproof plug and play connectors ensure easy installation. The PhasIR can easily have its power output varied to allow fine tuning for differing environments. This adjustment allows you to ensure that the camera view is optimised prior to deployment and reduces the risk of over exposure.



PhasIR, oval beam



PhasIR, wide angle beam



PhasIR, narrow angle beam



PhasIR kit, complete with narrow, wide and oval angle illuminators



  • Covert 940nm infrared illuminator
  • Wide operating voltage range of DC 9‐28V
  • Built‐in over‐voltage, over‐current and reverse polarity protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Adjustable power output
  • Narrow, wide and oval angle variants
  • DC12V, 200mA approx. at full power

PhasIR Infrared Illuminator